Intense Pulse Light

Posted on January 20, 2016

Intense pulse light is what medical and cosmetics practitioners use to perform some treatment for the skin and also for photo rejuvenation, hair removal and dermatology diseases. It uses light source that usually ranges from 500 to 1200nm. And due to this broad spectrum of light source, IPL is considered unique, compared to lasers, because it can focus on the chromophores of the skin. When the skin is in contact with the device, there is a cooling process that protects it.

IPL regulations may vary depending on the states jurisdiction because it is still not a registered trademark.

Hair Removal Devices

IPL has many devices used for hair removal treatments and these are named by: ELOS, E-Light and M-Light. For hair removal, IPL is different because it uses monochromatic laser light. This treatment can reduce the hair growth permanently and it works better on darker and coarser hair.


It is applied on the surface of the skin to target the melanin. The light travels from the skin to the hair roots. The hair roots are then being heated to destroy the hair-producing papilla. Sometimes, there is an inactive hair follicle that is not treated by this process. But over time, these inactive follicles will become active again and can be removed.

Intense Pulse Light treatment does not permanently remove all hair but it reduces the number of body hairs permanently. But this is only applied to the USA due to the FDA wording.


Sometimes medications, skin conditions and health irregularities can impact if a person is safe to be treated with light based best home hair removal machine treatment. Laser and IPL devices are only to be used with skin type medium colour and dark hairs.

Side Effects

Intense pulse light also has side effects like redness and mild pigmentation but it was proven that it will be gone in under 6 months.

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